PVE Now A Proud Distributor of Replacement Seating

March 29, 2023

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your machine seating or get ready for the busy season, PVE is a proud distributor of replacement seating for you. Your dozer and backhoes can take a beating, but you will be able to depend on us that your seats will make sure you don’t feel the pain even in the most demanding conditions.

As proud distributors of a wide variety of seating options, we are able to offer some economy and premium seating that is best suited for you and your machine. Our premium seating features a higher-grade steel frame with premium heavy-duty vinyl or cloth covering, premium heavy-duty suspension, operator support for extensive all-day use, and luxury comfort. Our economy seating features a durable steel frame with weather-resistant vinyl covering, standard suspension, moderate comfort, operator support for moderate use, and economy pricing.

Our selection of seats is available for Case, Cat, Deere & Dresser Dozers, Backhoes, and Excavators. These can be found on pages K5 and K6 of our online catalog.

Below you will be able to see all the seating options PVE offers:

160-7186, 159-2950 & 159-2950-E: CAT D3G, D4G, D5G, D6G2, D6N, D6R, D6T, D7G2, D7R, D8R, D9R, D9T Dozers

175764A1 & 175764A1-E: CASE 550G, 650G, 850G, 1150G DOZER

359121A1: CASE 550H, 650H, 750H, 650K, 650L, 750K. 750L, 850H, 850K, 850L, 1150K, 1650L, NEW HOLLAND D75, D85, D95, D150 DOZER

87451469: CASE 650L, 750L, 850L, 1150K, 1650L DOZER

293021A1 & 293022A1: CASE 570LXT, 580K, 580SK, 580L, 580SL, 580M, 580SM, 580N, 580SN, 590L, 590SL, 590M, 590SM, 590SN BACKHOE

87344650 & 87344650-E: Case CX130, CX160, CX160B, CX210, CX210B, CX240, CX240B, CX290, CX290B Excavator

AT105140: DEERE 350C, 350D, 400G, 450E, 455E, 550B, 555B, - 450G (w/ low profile rops only) DOZER

AT424636, AT424635 & AT424635-E: JOHN DEERE 450H, 450J, 550H, 550J, 650H, 650J, 700H, 700J, 750C, 750H, 750J, 850C, 850J DOZER

AT68415: DEERE 450G, 455G, 550G, 555G, 650G, 750B, 850B DOZER

AT175384 & AT175383: DEERE 310D, 310E, 310SE, 410D, 410E BACKHOE

AT407317 & AT407315: DEERE 310G, 310SG, 310J, 310SJ, 315SG, 315SJ, 410G, 410J, 710G, 710J BACKHOE

4458290R & 4458290R-E: DEERE 80C, 120C, 135C, 160C, 160C LC, 200C LC, 230C LC, 270C LC, 370C, 450C LC, 600C LC Excavator

FYA00009134 & FYA00009134-E: JOHN DEERE 130G, 130G LC S/N 040169-, 135G, 160G LC, 180G LC, 210G, 210G LC, 250G LC, 290G LC, 300G LC, 350G LC, 380G LC, 470G LC, 670G LC Excavator

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