Replacement Rollers for John Deere Skidders

Replacement Rollers for John Deere Skidders

May 13, 2021

Log Arch Pin & Roller Kits

Did you know that Paint Valley Equipment offers arch and side roller kits? These kits come complete with a roller, pins, washers, and bushings, coving 540 & 640 John Deere Skidders. Here at Paint Valley, we produce the product in-house with a solid core roller, compared to an OE hollowed core. Not only do we produce a high-quality product, but we offer it at a fraction of the OE price.

At PVE we recognize the demand for the utilization of a proper log arch, so we are featuring our roller kits that would be a quality upgrade for you. We are always looking for ways to improve upon equipment for the forestry industry.  

Part Numbers:

PV4977 – John Deere 540E, 540G, 540G-II, 540G-III s/n -599639, 640D, 640E, 640G, 640G-II, 640G-III s/n -599639

PV4979 – John Deere 540E, 540G, 540G-II, 540G-III, 640E, 640G, 640G-II, 640G-III, 740E, 740G

PV4980 – John Deere 540D, 640D

PV4978 – John Deere 540D, 640D

These kits can be located on page L8 in the PVE online catalog. To order your replacement parts, contact a PVE Dealer today!

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