Paint Valley Equipment Is Now Producing Gears

Paint Valley Equipment Is Now Producing Gears

October 11, 2018

At PVE, solving problems is serious business. When two suppliers for gears closed their doors, we decided to take matters into our own hands by producing our own.

PVE didn’t want to lose the ability to supply gears as part of our product line, so we soon began negotiations that resulted in the acquisition of a domestic gear manufacturer. This decision enabled us to not only continue to supply some final drive gears to our customers, but to expand the number of gears we offer. PVE is now strategically positioned to fill that void in the marketplace.

Bringing gear production in-house has not been without its challenges. At the outset, the biggest hurdle PVE faced was getting personnel trained to ensure the highest quality production. As part of the acquisition agreement with the former supplier, however, PVE received initial training that passed on over 40 years of invaluable gear production experience.

Another hurdle PVE has faced in starting gear production is acquiring the tooling to produce new gears. Some gears have very unique pitches and angles that require specialized tooling to reproduce. PVE has gradually been adding to our tooling to increase production versatility.

As far as quality control is concerned, PVE takes every step to get it right the first time. We start with the correct domestically sourced raw material. Quality control checks are done at the pre-machining point in production and a two other points during the manufacturing process. Any item not up to standard is removed from the batch. Once the heat treatment is completed, the gear is machined down to its final product specifications and receives the final inspection.  

PVE is currently providing final drive gears for John Deere Dozers (450, 550, and 650 series machines) and Case Dozers (310, 350, 450, 455, 550, 650, and 850 series machines). We are also working on producing all of the final drive gears for the John Deere 700H and J models, as well as the remaining gears for the John Deere 650s that are not currently covered. We will continue to aggressively look into other lines in the future.

For more information on PVE gears and other products, contact us at 330.674.0081. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of PVE parts, complete a dealer inquiry form to get started.

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