PVE Track Frame Components

May 24, 2023

Looking for top-quality dozer track frame components? PVE manufactures durable industry-leading dozer and excavator track frame component parts that fit a variety of Deere, Cat, Case, and Dresser models.

Our commitment to serving you is our top priority by ensuring parts are in stock, and ready to ship. Let our PVE Dealer Support Team serve you with all your track frame needs.

The Importance of Track Frame Components?

Track frame components make up some of the most important structural parts of the undercarriage. The machine's track frame experiences the most abrasion and resistance than any other part of the machine. Here at PVE, we are committed to helping our customers extend the life of their machines with durable high-quality parts that will last. Let PVE parts do the work for you!

PVE Track Frame Components

Recoil Springs and Track Adjusters

Recoil springs and track adjusters are connected to the idler wheel and protect the track from the strong impacts. These springs work with the track adjuster to absorb shock and maintain the prescribed amount of track tension. As they take on the tremendous duty of moving back and forth all day this can cause them to wear out or force them to break resulting in the need for quick replacement to avoid downtime. PVE manufactures recoil springs and track adjusters to ensure proper track tension on your equipment and extend the life of your undercarriage.

Track Adjuster Covers and Spring Shields

As stated track adjuster and recoil springs play a vital aspect in the undercarriage absorbing shock and maintaining the prescribed amount of track tension. Track adjuster covers and spring shields provide vital protection needed to keep these components protected even in the fiercest conditions.

Idler Wear Kits

Located in the front of the undercarriage the idler pushes against the chain to keep the chain tight while moving the track and propelling the machine forward or backwards. PVE manufactures guide and wear plates that protect the frame from the fore and after movements of the idler.

Rock Guards

One of the leading maintenance tips in keeping your undercarriage running smoothly is making sure debris stays clear and the best way to prevent that is with Rock guards. These steel guards come in various sizes that bolt-on to the undercarriage to protect your machine.

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