New Tariffs Mean Higher Prices for Parts

New Tariffs Mean Higher Prices for Parts

April 19, 2021

Raw Materials Cost

In the past couple of months, there has been an impact on the materials cost of various materials including steel, which is a key material here at PVE. Due to the two-year exclusion for some imported goods into America that has expired and kinks in the global supply chain drive material prices have driven higher.

As quoted in an article in the Construction Drive, Daniel Pomfrett, national director of forecasting and analytics at construction cost tracking firm Cumming, says that "Prices of both lumber and steel — two primary building materials — have surged anywhere from 20% to 25% recently." 

Due to these raw materials cost increases throughout the market, we have recently had to make some adjustments to our product pricing this month. This is not a decision we take lightly at PVE and we are continually striving to keep these changes to a minimum.

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