Quality Control at PVE

Quality Control at PVE

March 19, 2019

PVE is committed to bringing only the highest quality heavy construction equipment parts to market. Our QC Department follows a highly detailed, professional process to ensure that only the best products leave our doors.

    1. From the very beginning, we start with the best. We purchase only prime raw materials from vendors with strict quality control protocols.
    2. Once the part is drafted in Inventor CAD, QC reviews the product to check for dimensional and tolerance issues. After approval, the product enters the second phase of prototyping which is to prepare the DXF cut files, PDF shop files, and bill of materials (BOM) lists. This begins the production phase of creating the actual prototype of the product.
    3. The final prototype is brought to QC for review of design strength, aesthetics, and functionality. Upon approval by QC, the first production run of the product is ordered.
    4. Any assembly that incorporates seals (such as cylinders and spring assemblies) is pressure tested to ensure proper function.
    5. QC inspects the batch prior to painting/coating and gives the green light for the painting department to coat the product.
    6. Final QC inspection is completed after coating, and the product is received into our warehouse by our inventory controller. Research and Development will also inspect all new products when they first enter the warehouse to ensure quality.
    7. All measurement instruments are calibrated against standards to ensure consistent accuracy. These instruments are typically checked on a weekly basis.
    8. When a customer has issues with a product, the following action steps are taken:
      • Identify the problem and collect relevant data about the concern.
      • Use the data to find the step in the manufacturing process that caused the concern.
      • Apply appropriate solution and training needed to correct the issue and ensure the issue does not repeat.

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Our process is designed to encourage workers to report issues when they notice them. This culture of accountability benefits the company and the employees when issues are corrected. A solutions-centered, rather than punitive, QC process empowers all employees to become involved with producing only the highest quality heavy construction equipment parts.

PVE adheres to the values of dependability, accountability, thoroughness, and honesty, and those same values define our process of quality control. You can view our products by accessing our online catalog. To inquire about becoming a dealer, click here.

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