Make Forestry Work Easier with Equipment Innovations from PVE

Make Forestry Work Easier with Equipment Innovations from PVE

January 15, 2019

Construction work in forested areas presents its own set of specific challenges. In order to get your work done safely, efficiently, and at the highest level of quality, you will need more than the basic dozer. Paint Valley Equipment is pleased to announce a lineup of forestry applications for dozers. As with all PVE products, we have them in stock and ready to ship at a fraction of the OEM price.

Log Arches

Dragging logs along the ground not only creates friction that encumbers movement, but disturbs the forest floor, leading to a messy aftermath for both ground and log. Log arches provide additional lift to the log thus minimizing the length of the log that is in contact with the ground. They reduce the impact of operations in sensitive areas, minimize ground disturbance, and allow for enhanced productivity by allowing more logs to be dragged at once. PVE log arches are made to fit specific machines and have been designed for serious forestry work.

Root Rakes

Root rakes are tractor attachments designed to collect rocks, debris, and bulky or unusually shaped material, allowing the soil to sift through. Once debris is cleared away, the root rake can be used to remove roots and debris from deeper in the soil. Our rakes consist of 1.5” thick teeth with a full brush rack above the teeth, and come with mounting brackets and pins.

Brush Screens

Safely operating heavy equipment in the forest environment can be a challenge. Protect your dozer and your operators with PVE brush screens. We manufacture brush screen attachments for all sides of the operator’s station on many Case and John Deere Dozers.

Limb Risers

Protect your construction vehicles, and those who drive them, with limb risers. These steel risers mount over the front end of the machine and extend to the roof of the operator’s station, preventing tree limbs and other brush from damaging the machine or operator when completing work in forested sites. When branches touch the limb risers, they slide up and over the vehicle instead of smacking it head-on. Our limb risers are heavy duty and designed to mount directly up to your dozer.

For information about Paint Valley Equipment’s products that make forestry work easier, check out PVE Products or view our new online catalog.

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