Transmission & Final Drive Parts

Paint Valley Equipment offers gears, pinions, sprocket shafts, bearing & seal kits for Case, Drott, Dresser, Allis Chalmers and John Deere final drives. We offer transmission parts such as gears, shafts, differential, planetary, torque converter and clutch parts for Case loader backhoes as well as Case, Dresser & John Deere crawlers. We offer a wide selection of transmission clutch discs for Case, Dresser, Caterpillar and John Deere machines. We also offer rebuilt clutch assemblies, torque converter and transmission assemblies. Items we offer include:

  • Final Drive Gears, Pinions, Shafts and Bearing & Seal Kits
  • Transmission Gears, Shafts, Differential, Planetary, Torque Converter and Clutch Parts
  • Ring & Pinion Sets
  • Rebuilt Torque Converters
  • Rebuilt Power Shuttles, Clutch Packs and Transmissions
  • Transmission Clutch Discs

Additional Information

Transmission & Final Drive Parts are available for these machines:

Final Drive Parts
  • Case Crawlers
  • John Deere Crawlers
  • Dresser Crawlers
  • Allis Chalmers Crawlers
Transmission and Torque Converter Parts
  • Case Loader Backhoes, Wheel Loaders & Crawlers
  • John Deere Loader Backhoes, Wheel Loaders & Crawlers
  • Dresser Crawlers
  • Cat Wheel Loaders & Crawlers

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